Kemp Forum

The Kemp Forum is a debate and discussion series providing a platform for the civil competition of ideas. Based on the premise that ideas, like athletes, become sharper in competition, the Kemp Forum examines cutting edge public policy questions through the kind of restless, spirited debate that Jack Kemp practiced from the heart.

Kemp Forum “Game Plan”

At the start of the new Congress, the Kemp Forum issued a “call for ideas” to former Kemp staff, friends and supporters engaged in current public policy debate, taking as their touchstone themes derived from Kemp speeches.  The Foundation is pleased to present these original essays on contemporary issues (links below).  We invite your comments and observations.

Paul Ryan: Economic Growth

Judy Shelton: Sound Money

Bentley Elliot: Freedom and Faith

Don Soifer: Education for a Great Nation

Alfred A. DelliBovi: Affordable Housing

Frank Keating: Opportunity and the American Dream

William Schneider: National Security

Charles Kupperman: Missile Defense

Joe O. Rogers: Civil Debate

Bill Brock: Leadership in Education

John Mueller: Fair Taxes & Social Security

Jack Kemp In His Own Words

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