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Welcome to the Jack Kemp Oral History Archive, an original collection of spoken recollections and reflections that illuminate Jack Kemp’s public life, his vocation, the ideas central to his commitment to public service, and the political world in which he moved.


In the space of four years, Mort Kondracke (lead interviewer) and Brien Williams (Kemp Oral History Project historian) interviewed over a hundred people who were central to Jack Kemp’s  life and career.  Our goal was to enable future generations to learn about the American democracy of our time directly from those entrusted with its governance.  Along the way, we gathered some fascinating insights about our country’s recent past, including Presidential politics, competition on the playing field and in the halls of Congress, and the power of ideas.


As Jack said time and again, “history matters.”  We hope that these wide-ranging personal experiences, judgments, and lessons learned will also serve as a resource for  carrying on the cause about which he cared so much:  the American Idea.


We are indebted to the support we received from the Conrad Hilton Foundation, the guidance provided by the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, and the generous contributions of the men and women listed below who graciously consented to be interviewed.


Michelle Van Cleave
Kemp Legacy Program Director


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Oral History Symposiums: 

Jack Kemp, the Bills and Buffalo March 4, 2011

Jack Kemp and the Tax Reforms of 1981 and 1986 April 18, 2011

Kemp Congressional Staff September 19, 2011

Jack Kemp and the Reagan Revolutionaries in the House March 6, 2012

Jack Kemp and the 1988 Republican Presidential Primary April 14, 2012

Secretary Kemp: Quarterback in the Cabinet June 29, 2012

On the Road with Jack Kemp September 6, 2012

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