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Kemp’s Ideas Still Resonate Today

Recent articles mentioning Jack Kemp in the Weekly Standard by Judy Shelton, Gold Standard or Bust, and in the Foundry by Collette Caprara, An Effective Approach to Poverty: Circle of Protection or Triangle of Uplift, demonstrate the ideas Jack Kemp championed throughout his career still resonate.  In the spirit of Jack Kemp’s commitment to the honest competition of ideas, we encourage you to comment on these articles and share your views on other pressing issues with us.

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"So any time you hear anyone express doubts about America, remind them, as Jack Kemp always reminded us, that with an unshakable faith in ourselves, anything is possible. And remind them, as Jack Kemp

By: Jack Kemp Posted: June 5, 2007 Dear Barack (cc: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and all Democrats), We've only met a few times, but we went to the same college, Occidental in Los Angeles. I graduate

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