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Kemp’s legacy providing political path for athletes

By Chris Brown, Lead Journalist | |

Jack Kemp was a leader and two-time AFL champion as quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. He also blazed a trail successfully transitioning from a career in football to a career in politics. That’s something now under the direction of his son Jimmy Kemp that the recently established Kemp Foundation intends to provide in addition to other initiatives set forth under its mission.

When the former Bills quarterback fell ill with cancer a couple of years ago, it prompted many of Kemp’s closest political friends and constituents to act, including his son, ultimately leading to the formation of the Kemp Foundation.

“Dad had started the process by sending his papers in 400 boxes from his political career to a university out in California where he’s from,” said Kemp. “The university had talked about putting a Kemp Institute together, but it never took off and the fundraising was challenging. Then dad got sick and a bunch of people wanted to help him out.”

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