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Partnership with BPC Housing Commission

In the Kemp Forum spirit of promoting civil dialogue on important public policy issues, the Jack Kemp Foundation and the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) are partnering to launch a series of Regional Housing Forums as part of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Housing Commission.  The BPC-Kemp Regional Housing Forums will hold public events around the country.  Participants will include BPC Housing Commission members and policy experts discussing important issues in housing policy.

The first Forum, scheduled for Tuesday, March 6 in San Antonio, will kick off this series of regional listening and discussion sessions, which are intended to engage the American public and inform the Housing Commission’s recommendations to reform our country’s housing policies in an increasingly diverse society.  The Housing Commission’s recommendations are to be released early in 2013.  The Forum in San Antonio will focus on how demographic trends are already impacting housing supply and demand, and how these demographic trends are expected to influence the housing market in the future.  Forums are currently scheduled on:

March 6th in San Antonio, TX,April 17th in Orlando, FL,June 5th in St. Louis, MO,And July 25th in Bangor, ME.

You can click on the links above to find additional information about the Forums, including location and agenda information.  Additional links will be added as additional information becomes available.

The BPC Housing Commission is co-chaired by former Secretaries of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Henry Cisneros and Mel Martinez, also a former U.S. Senator, former Senator Kit Bond, and former Senator and BPC Founder George Mitchell. The Housing Commission includes some of the nation’s leading housing experts and will develop a comprehensive, politically viable plan for consideration by the administration and Congress.

Jack Kemp Foundation programs are intended to foster the spirit of leadership that Jack Kemp demonstrated, expand the impact of powerful ideas on public policy, and prepare a new generation of leaders who can translate principled ideas into action.

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