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Romney’s Choice of Ryan for VP, Political Leadership and the American Idea

Dear Friends,

Last October, the Jack Kemp Foundation honored Paul Ryan with the first Kemp Leadership Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership in Congress and for his political courage.  As Ryan said, “We who learned our politics from Jack must not fear to address them with boldness and courage.”  There could be no greater tribute to my father’s political legacy than for Governor Romney to choose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Like Jack Kemp, Ryan understands that the American Idea is at its root the human idea.  It is the idea that freedom and human dignity are universal values that apply to all people everywhere.  He learned about the American Idea from his own family as well as from my father, who believed that there are no limits to America’s future if we don’t put limits on our people.

Every four years, Americans have a chance to vote for President and to validate the Founders’ faith in this great experiment in democracy.  I share my father’s belief that ideas – not interests or influence or political deals – rule the world.   Throughout our history, America’s finest leaders have been those who champion the great ideas that have moved us forward, with the vision to see that our finest days still lay ahead.

We look forward to an election in which both parties engage in a real battle of ideas with civility and respect, and to leaders who advance the America Idea and the boundless opportunities that freedom can bring to all people of good will.

– James Kemp, President

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