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“The American Idea Renewed” now available on Amazon

As America prepares for an election that will be a defining moment for our future,  we are releasing a new collection of speeches by Jack Kemp, most being published for the first time, that help elucidate what he called “the American idea.”

The American Idea Renewed captures some of the best material from Dad’s long public career on the subjects of America’s leadership in the world, economic growth, freedom, dignity and opportunity, and the competition of ideas.

The book also includes the proceedings of our day-long symposium at historic Lincoln Cottage in Washington DC led by Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes and Juan Williams, as well as remarks by Rich Lowry on Abraham Lincoln, a keynote speech by Garry Kasparov, and original essays from some of today’s most thoughtful scholars and leaders on the future of the American idea.*

All of the presidential candidates at our January 9, 2016 Kemp Forum on the Expanding Opportunity (Columbia, South Carolina) have received copies, which hopefully may be of use as they consider the ideas they would champion for America.

You can purchase print or Kindle versions of The American Idea Renewed on Amazon here.  I hope you enjoy this look back, and look forward, at the great experiment in democracy that is the American idea.

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