The Project on Exchange Rates and the Dollar

Updated: May 21, 2019

Founder and Director, Sean Rushton

In the mid-1980s, Congressman Jack Kemp – in partnership with future Nobel laureate Robert Mundell, U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley and others – hosted a series of conferences on the dollar and international exchange rates featuring academics, business leaders, and government officials. These conferences helped highlight the need for a more stable dollar in coordination with other major currencies.

Today, echoing the 1980s, the dollar is high and looks set to appreciate further, creating potential problems for U.S. workers, exporters, multinational corporations, commodity businesses, holders of dollar-denominated debts, and nations with currencies pegged to the dollar.

The new Project on Exchange Rates and the Dollar, in partnership with the Jack Kemp Foundation, will follow Congressman Kemp’s model from the 1980s. We will highlight the repercussions of large exchange rate swings with policymakers and host conferences to highlight the need for a more stable international currency system.

The project has a direct link to Rep. Kemp’s legacy of work in the 1980s, and ties to three of the Jack Kemp Foundation’s priority areas: economic growth, equal opportunity, and international cooperation.

Click here for highlights from the Kemp Forum on Exchange Rates and the Dollar.

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