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Chicago Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity

Missed our great event in Chicago? Watch the recorded speakers here!

Morning Keynote featuring Speaker Paul Ryan and Rev. Dr. Deforest “Buster” Soaries. Introduction given by Jimmy Kemp, President of the Jack Kemp Foundation,

KFEO Session 1: Attracting Capital to Distressed Communities

Moderator: Andrea Zopp

Featuring: Congressman Peter Roskam, Margaret Anadu, David Dillon, Ed Monser

KFEO Session 2: Funding Positive Community Outcomes

Moderator: Meghan Harte

Featuring: Congressman Danny Davis, Bob Woodson, Dave Doig, Maze Jackson

KFEO Session 3: Early Childhood Education, Housing, Food, Family and Health

Moderator: Congressman Bob Dold

Featuring: Chicago Alderman Gilbert Villegas, Courtney Q. Jones, Steve Preston

KFEO Closing Keynote Speech by Governor Bruce Rauner

Watch the short video recap here:

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